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No Connection? No Problem

We’ve got something very impressive to share with you, something that’s going to revolutionise the way our clients can work. Our new ‘On The Road’ app allows for quick and easy access to any information – whenever you need it – regardless of an internet connection. The app allows you to work offline and simply updates as soon as you’re back and connected.


We know you’re going to love this in action. Checkout these visuals, they should give you a flavour for how it looks and works and then book a demo today.

Available on Android, iPhone and iPad


VetIT On The Road allows you to keep working even when there is no network coverage.

VetIT On The Road (OTR), is a mobile app to support and complement your use of the VetIT PMS when working away from the practice. Using your diary in the PMS, VetIT OTR automatically downloads and stores your appointments on your mobile device, for a customisable number of days, allowing you to work in areas with poor or no connectivity.

VetIT OTR will download, each day, the client and patient details of those you have appointments to visit, as well as clinical history and the products and services you use. Optionally, you can download all patients’ details for a client, rather than just the patients you have an appointment to see. This enables you to write clinical notes and attach photo assets during your visit at a client’s site, rather than waiting until you return to practice, saving you time and additional effort.

Once you have connectivity, you can upload your work back into the VetIT PMS.

Version 2 will Improve Your Working Day

VetIT On The Road gives you client details at your fingertips.

VetIT OTR allows you to easily manage all parts of your client communications, treatment and billing from your mobile phone or tablet. Especially designed for the times when you are away from the office and without an internet connection.

We’re also excited to announce that v2 of the app has even more to offer to control your stock and stop missed charges. The improved functionality allows you to log work as you complete it onsite and note stock used during treatment. You can then raise an accurate invoice and take payment at the end of the appointment, which reduces missed charges and improves stock control.

Additional features included will enable you to:

  • View client location and get directions
  • Communicate with clients via call/text directly from the app
  • View your current stock at your location
  • Manually scan product barcodes
  • Check other stock locations
  • Automatically de-stock from your stock location and record batch numbers
  • Look up clients, view medical histories and make appointments
  • Add items to be dispensed in the practice
  • Add discounts
  • Log items used onsite (with prices) so you can raise the invoice immediately
  • Take payment at the time and be alerted to outstanding balances
  • Store notes taken via diction and supporting images
  • Write and print labels on site
  • Update your location and appointment status for the main practice to view.

Take photos to support clinical histories

Support clinical histories with photographic evidence of customisable size and quality.

Make new appointments on your device

Create a new appointment for your client on site even if you are offline.

Call or send an SMS to a client

Client telephone numbers are available within the app so that you can communicate quickly with them and keep them updated.

Check the current client balance

See how much a client currently owes you before you undertake any work.

View client and patient alerts

View important information regarding your clients and patients before you arrive at an appointment.

Update the status of appointments

Update the office as your day progresses and receive new appointments to your mobile device (When connected to a data network).

How to use the App

Logging in and navigation
An overview of logging in to VetIT OTR and navigating around the app.

Find out how to customise the app to your requirements.

See how you can manage your diary in the app.

Searching data
Discover how you can search your data in the app.

Clinical history
Find out how to view and add clinical histories and add images.

Uploading and logging out
An overview of how to upload your work back to VetIT and Log out.

Available on Apple iOS and Android devices

VetIT On The Road is available for Apple iOS and Android devices


VetIT On The Road is available for the following iOS devices running iOS 9 and greater.

5sAir 2
6 PlusRetina
6s Plus



VetIT On The Road is available for phone and tablet Android devices running Android version 4.4 (KitKat) and greater.

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