Practice Management Software


Only the best will do

We’ve spent over 10 years developing and improving our industry leading cloud practice management software for vets. Our PMS specifically for the veterinary market is the most comprehensive, productive and profitable solution around.

Lets focus on the important stuff

We’ve removed all the headaches often associated with management software and guarantee to enhance your business performance whilst reducing your admin. Giving you time to do the important stuff, like see and treat your equine and animal patients!

Revolutionise the way you work

VetIT is cloud based which makes it really easy for you and your practice team to access the system anytime and anywhere – whilst it’s safely and securely being continuously backed-up. We’ve also allowed for multiple users from multiple locations which means access from your office, home or even the middle of a field. With a dashboard full of useful information, our client users can access appointment bookings, client history, account management, calendar, dispensary, invoicing and reports all in one place. Our VetIT software is a really user friendly experience and with detailed reporting available you can maximise your business.

Easy, secure & intuitive

With an intuitive, user friendly dashboard of essential information available from any location, our VetIT software boasts an impressive list of functionalities:

  • Easy access interface designed to be user friendly & intuitive
  • Secure login for each user, with option for tiered access
  • Task management
  • Useful search across numerous fields for name, surname, address, or pet name
  • Notifications & reminders for next appointments, bill payments & calls
  • ‘Sticky notes’ allowing users to leave messages against the account
  • Ability to categorise clients by product, location, type of practice & specify their particular payment or contact details
  • Stock level tracking & batch numbers
  • Balance summary
  • Hospital & operations lists
  • Ability to generate prescriptions & record clinical notes
  • Product import from clinical suppliers
  • Setup automatic & manual alerts
  • Send messages to clients via letter, email, or SMS text
  • Full appointments diary with notes for room, vet, patient & appointment reason
  • Invoices automatically generated
  • Label printing with required regulatory information
  • Price customisation for discounts where applicable
  • Register insurance policies against patients on system
  • Template set up for quick edit of lab reports
  • Reporting generated on a timed basis for sales for example
  • Multi-currency & multi lingual capacity

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Especially for you

Whether your practice is big or small, covering equine, large, mixed and small animals we configure our software to your practice and its requirements. Everything is set up to your own practice’s needs.

We look after you from the off and if there’s ever any queries along the way, we’re here to help. Our friendly and experienced support team provide ongoing implementation services, migrations, training services and broadband checks to ensure you’re working at your most effective.

For more information contact us to book a demo, or to talk to one of our specialist team 0345 222 6324